Consumer Reviews About Cash 1

Consumer Reviews About Cash 1

If you’re thinking of getting a payday loan, there are many options. One of those options is Cash 1. Cash 1 is a financial institution that provides emergency cash to consumers. All you have to do is fill out an application and within moments you’ll know if you’re approved.

Many people have taken out loans with this company. Their reviews hover between average and below average. Here are some of the complaints commonly heard from customers:

  • “I really hope anyone who read listen. These people are scammers. They tell you that they need a deposit to get your credit score up to fund the money. Then they hit with they can fund you the money because you need to give them more money.”
  • My wife was not able to come to the branch to make a payment, I am her husband and I ask if I could make the payment for her. The person that answers the phone simply said NO! I explain to her that she is in the hospital and can’t make it to the branch. The girl said to me that is a company policy that only the borrower has to come in or they will cash the check and there is no extension, if the payment is made the following day she will be in default and pay double. She sympathies the situation but she must come in the branch regales what! I answer her that I have to drag her from her bed to make it good and ask her is this is only way? She said YES!
  • How cruel can you get, She said just too bad, and have a nice day and hang-up.
  • I hope that this review will be read.”.

Not everyone was dissatisfied. Here are some positive reports about the company.

  • “When I have needed some additional funds the first thing that came to mind was CASH 1. I’ve been using their services for the last 5 years, and I’ve never faced any difficulty applying for and getting cash. They have been very understanding and helpful.”
  • “Very Good Service always help me in my bad time.”

Use the reviews above to help you make a decision on whether to do business with this company or not.

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