Why National Payday May Be A Huge Fraud

Why National Payday May Be A Huge Fraud

National Payday claims to offer cash advances when you need it most, however there are some consumers who are dissatisfied with their service. When rated by SamePayDay.com, they received very low feedback in all areas including: service, cost, timing, and willingness to use again.

Here are a few of the gripes from consumers who have used this company:

  • “I filled out a application and signed a contract but have not heard back from them.” – Wisconsin
  • “I applied and never heard back from them. You can’t email a question about your application as they won’t take the email and you can’t talk to anyone on the phone about it. Website just said it is being processed.” – Rhode Island
  • “The phone number is invalid when you try to call. The website tells you not to call or contact them to check on your application. I just pray they don’t mess with my bank account now.” –Pennsylvania
  • “I was denied and now someone is calling me and saying that unless I pay, I am going to be charged with fraud!!! I checked my bank account in case and there was no money ever put into my account!!!” – Connecticut
  • “I am an idiot and should have done more research.” – Illinois

Seems like this company is fraudulent and should be avoided at all costs.

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