Payday Lending Companies With Poor Reputations: Part 1

Payday Lending Companies With Poor Reputations: Part 1

Pay lenders are companies that are there to give you quick cash when need it most. Usually, they offer you a cushion to help you get to the next pay check. While you want to avoid getting into business with these companies at all cost, there are some companies that are just awful for consumers. Here are some companies that have received a low rating from consumers.

The scores were based on many factors including service, cost, timing and willingness to use again. Hera are 3 payday lending companies you want to avoid:

  • National Payday
  • FastBucks
  • Cash Central

Here’s how each company scored in each category. The scores range from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

National PayDay
Service – 1.9
Cost – 1.9
Timing – 2.0
Use Again – 2.0

Fast Bucks
Service – 2.1
Cost – 1.7
Timing – 2.5
Use Again – 1.9

Cash Central
Service – 2.0
Cost – 1.9
Timing – 2.6
Use Again – 2.0

All 3 of these scored very low in the cost department meaning that you will pay back a lot of money for their loan.

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