Lending Companies With Bad Reputations

Lending Companies With Bad Reputations

Many people find themselves at some point or another strapped for cash. There are lenders out there who will help you when you are in need of money and your next paycheck is still far away.

One of those kind of lenders is called payday loans, however many people find themselves falling into a trap when they do business with pay day lenders.

Some companies are terrible to deal with. They have poor customer service and their loans cost too much. Here are some companies that you would want avoid:

Cash America

The reason you want to avoid these companies is because consumers have consistently given them low ratings. Here are the ratings that they received recently. The scores range from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. They were being scored on service, cost, timing and willingness to use again.

Service – 2.0
Cost – 1.9
Timing – 2.6
Use Again – 2.0

Cash America
Service: 2.0
Cost: 2.5
Timing: 2.6
Use Again: 2.0

Cash 1
Service: 2.3
Cost: 2.6
Timing: 2.6
Use Again: 2.3

Based on the past experience of others, you will want to stay away from these companies until they undergo improvement.

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