Consumer Feedback On Loan-N-Go

Consumer Feedback On Loan-N-Go

Loan-N-Go is a payday lending company known for providing immediate cash to consumers. If you’re in a jam and there are a couple of days left until payday, this company will give you the cash you need. They are quick and responsive and will give you your money within an hour. However, this company has received awful reviews. So far, this company has been deemed the worst payday lending company of 2016 according to

Here are some of the complaints given by real customers who used the company:

  • “Warning”: One consumer stated that they put a judgment against them because they wouldn’t let them make a payment to the company. Instead of installments, they wanted it all at once.
  • “Worst Payday Loan Place”:  Another consumer reported that they call like “pests” and leave messages.
  • “Will Not Compromise”: A consumer reported that once they put a judgment against you, they will not accept the amount owed. They also refuse to settle. They rather take you to court.
  • “Worst Payday loan in Existence”: Another customer stated that they will suck you dry and that it’s best to pay them off in full rather than constantly giving them money between pay periods.

There were plenty of other reviews; however, they all carry pretty much the same tone.

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