Various Reasons Your Credit Card May Get Declined: Part 5

Various Reasons Your Credit Card May Get Declined: Part 5

In parts 1 through 4 of Various Reasons Your Credit Card May Get Declined, we covered reasons a credit card may be declined. Reasons we covered included:

  • You are making an international purchase.
  • You did something that triggered fraud protection.
  • You keyed in the wrong information.
  • You reached your credit limit.
  • Your credit report took a hit.
  • You missed credit card payment.
  • Another authorized user made a decision about the card without you knowing.
  • Your card is expired.

These are all reasons that your credit card may be declined and should be kept in mind before a purchase. There is one other reason your card may be declined that you should be aware of.

You took a trip. Have you ever paid for something out of the normal places where you usually buy and then came back home? Well, to a credit card company that may look suspicious. For that reason, they may decline your card. If you do two or more things right next to each other for example, rented a car and then checked into a hotel that could look suspicious. Notify your credit card company that you will be traveling so they won’t place a block on your card.

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