Common Headaches That Come With Credit Cards: Part 1

Common Headaches That Come With Credit Cards: Part 1

Although credit cards can be a great convenience to have, there are some things most companies do that are a downright headache for consumers.  A prime example is billing disputes.  If after looking over your bill, you decide that you want to dispute a transaction, there can be a lot of back and forth with the company regarding your claim.

Say you purchased a new kitchen appliance. You may look at your bill and notice that the charge happened twice. There have been some cases where people contacted the company to let them know of the error only to be met with a lot of skepticism from the credit card company.

To help combat this problem, contact the company as soon as possible. You should write the company first making them aware of this complaint. Be sure to check your bill regularly to ensure any complaints that you have are within a 60 day window. If you let it go pass this time frame, you may never be able to resolve your billing issue. Other inconveniences can happen over the following:

  • payments being dispersed to multiple balances, and
  • changes in account terms and conditions.

In part 2, we’ll cover another headache most people believe credit card companies cause and how to sidestep them.

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