How to Optimize Cash Back Rewards With Your Credit Card

How to Optimize Cash Back Rewards With Your Credit Card

Many credit cards offer great cash back reward options. The key is in knowing how to use it. Here are ways to optimize your cash back perks.

#1 – Be strategic with purchases. Find out which card in your wallet offers the best cash back option for certain items, and then use it for that. For example, if one of your credit cards offers cash back on gas then use it for that instead of groceries. On the other hand, if your card gives you extra points for groceries, use it for that instead of for gas or clothes.

#2  – Go to traditional supermarkets for cash back on groceries. When using your card for cash back on groceries, shop at an actual supermarket. There are certain codes used at certain stores. If you want the huge points for using your card a supermarket, you should go to a traditional grocery store. Otherwise, if you shop at a place like Wal-Mart for groceries, you won’t get the ultimate perks.

#3 – Pay your balance in full each month. The best way to get all your points is to pay off your entire balance each month. Carrying a balance could put you at risk of losing any cash back benefits.

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