Don’t Fall Into This Dangerous Cycle

Don’t Fall Into This Dangerous Cycle

Maybe you know the dangers of payday loans and have decided to stay away from them. Maybe you were denied a payday loan and are looking for other alternatives. Whatever the reason is you’re not getting a payday loan, consider it to be for your ultimate benefit.

It’s important however, to be cautious of another option on the table called installment loans. One of the dangers of these types of loans is that they can create a vicious cycle of debt. One loan leads to taking out another one. Before you know it, you’re unable to pay for basic necessities. Here are two reasons why installment loans are so costly:

  • Interest rates: The interest rates are expensive. More expensive than credit cards.
  • Origination fees: These fees are usually much higher than traditional loans.

When you end up paying a lot of money to borrow money, you have less to spend on the things you need in the future.

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